Breast Fed Worms

Welcome to the BFW League (v1.0). We're under developmental construction, but we're still open for business! We've adopted a league system that was developed by Breeze and we've turned it around to work as the new BFWL.

How does it work?

It's a pretty straight forward league. You win one, you earn +1 point; you lose one, you lose a point. All new candidates start off at 0 points and move up and down from there. All games are worth two (2) points. The league is reserved only for BFW members.

Which schemes can I play?

I suppose you can play any scheme once it's been made available. For now (28 October 2012), we have Bng, T17, Elite, Intermediate, Roper, Rope Race, Hysteria, Shopper, and WxW. Any scheme requests should be requested in the League forum.

Is this it???

This is a growing system and the league, website, and forum will go through many more changes. The end result is to have one standard UI (user interface) with optional themes (Same backbone and layout, but different colors/images). I hope to achieve forum integration one day. Later, we will refine how the system works so that inactive players don't float in the standings page and hog the middle standings.

Questions /Answers

Please refer to the League forum for any questions, answers, requests, complaints, and bugs. link