What are in those crates? Could it be a fury brown rat?.. Could it be a fruit of some sort?.. Or is it the fait-decider, the Wett Sheep??!! Be blessed by the right goods and the win might just be yours. All our BFW Gear was zipped using the .ZIP Compression. Sport BFW and be a lucky winner. So go ahead and help yourself to our wormies arsenal and perhaps you too might be a weiner.

Quikie Goodie

Download entire download packs here..

If your operating system doesn't

Clan Flags

Below you can find flags created by loyal Breast Fed Wormen.

  • VIPer/Mune

    Made in 2005

  • Perfect

    Made in 2006, 2011

  • K1NG

    Made in 2012

WaLand Magazine

In 2007, Perfect attempted to run a weekly magazine of Worms covering activities in AG. In cooperation with Anubis' WaLand, WaLand's Weekly Magazine was formed. With lots of potential going for this great project, it died 3 weeks later due to lack of wormpower.

  • Perfect, rDogg, Cueshark, others...

    Made in 2007

Misc Utilities

Below you will find useful programs that can be used to enhance your wormy experience. Most or all of these utilities were created by other authors and can be found at their original websites. We try to keep this list updated and we make every attempt to link back to the original source. If you have a useful item that you wish for us to host, please let us know in the shoutbox. Enjoy.

  • MagicDisc

    Play Worms without a physical CD!

    MagicDisc is a utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs. Worms Armageddon requires the original disc to be in the computer's disc drive. This becomes a nuisance if you frequently have to flop back and forth with other discs; hate the disc drive buffer noise; or worry about scratching your WA CD. An emulated Disc drive, such as MagicDisc, allows you to run your game data 200x faster than a physical disc. It's small, lightweight, super-fast, adwarefree, and best of all it's free!
    Official Site | Download (Mirror BFW)

  • Pioneer Gamesounds

    Reamp the sound of Worms

    Years ago, a wormer by the name of Pioneer322 put together a folder of replacement wav sound effects that you can copy into the WA folder and hear in the game. I believe it is is composed of some sound files from Worms 2 (original PC game) and others from uknown origins. Just extract the folder to ...\Worms Armageddon\DATA\Wav\Effects and experience WA the way Pio did. Make sure you make a back up of your old sound files.

  • Worms 2 Rope Sound Effects

    Soften the sound of your rope

    Many of you may notice that the sound of your ninja rope shooting and impacting gets annoying over time. It's a hard SWUUUUEEE and THOOOUM!! Try these two Ninja Rope wav sound effects instead of the default ones and see if you enjoy the sound of roping again. These two sound files are part of the Pioneer322 sound pack and are from Worms 2. Some folks report roping better with these sound files. Give it a try. Extract to folder ...\Worms Armageddon\DATA\Wav\Effects. Make sure you make a back up of your old sound files.