Breast Fed Worms

 Welcome to home of the Breast Fed Worms. We are a pack of wormers who play Worms Armageddon with a passion.  We aren't the best, but we are the most naturèl. We have many flavors of players with the broadest range of skills and tactics.


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New BFW Member

Everyone give a round of applause to our newest clan mate, Slacker! He joined the clan on March 3rd, of 2012. He is known to be an old skooler who still uses a keyboard with a PS2 connector! He has no email or MSN at the moment, but if you lurk in AG for long enough you might get a chance to capture a glance of his worminess. Good job to AlTarf who used his Master Pokeball to capture this wild Slackatat So why recruit such a gem you say? -Well this guy is cool. 'Nuff said... Cough cough...But really, Slacker was asked to join another clan, which is in the top five at TUS right now. Not only that, but AlTarf was quick to recruit this guy, and AlTarf is new himself. So if Altarf can sniff out a promise player, then you know Slacker is as pure as pure Columbian comes. Talking with Joe and worming with Slacker myself, I can say this guy is a good grab. Welcome again Slacker. We hope you enjoy the clan and stay for a very long time....

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Let's Launch

After much anticipation, we have decided that it is time to let our worminess show. Welcome to the home of BFW! We are kicking off TUS' Season 25 with an open house of our new website and showcasing of dedicated clan players. If you haven't heard of BFW then you are WRONG! BFW has floated around the AG pond for some time now. We are the most active that we've ever been since 2007! Along with some old wormers we unite together with some new wormers and new alliances. If you liked our wormy taste before then you'll still like us today! –Because our wormy taste never expires, unless you forget to refrigerate. Lol. We have practiced and tested the new waters with season 24 and although we didn't rank high on the standings we did manage to stay on Page 1 at TUS. Season 25 is our time to show this worming community that we still hold the teachings of Wormlah very true! Now get your arse back in AG and let's whoop some wormy tail-butt thingy! Psst… also, keep checking back on us...

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BFW 2012

Welcome to the new site of BFW, mates!  Now things are still in progress but I think its about time to open this place up.  BFW was founded in 2004 and since then we have sites that were not quite "official." I, as leader of the clan, have always enjoyed helping others and proliferating the wormy way to strangers. Unfortunately, my assistance to others has deterred me from finishing what should have been my main goal, BFW. Some projects I have been privileged to work on have been: wZ- Wormzillas Clan site project (WWP). I would consider it the wormiest site out there to exist.  It was explosive with vivid worminess and possibility. But failed due to my departure to join the military in 2007. A dead, wormy fan site of mine that never succeeded due to my departure, of course. It was suppose to be admiration to many wormy-works and projects of mine.  I was hoping to give commentary on wormy-works of other wormers and other wormy ideas. The failure of that site lead to...

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