Breast Fed Worms · Welcome StringKing

December 26, 2012 at 7:10 am in Update

This past week we recruited a new cat into the clan. This guy has been someone that we been eyeing for awhile, but have been unable to catch with our Pokeball; even the MasterBall failed us; maybe this MasterBall was made in China and not an original (..for all those naysayers of PokeWorld). Anyways, per words of the Mayhem:

Long overdue and very sought after, we have finally caught the StRiNgkiNg. I am happy to have a person like string wanting to join us, adding to our awesome roster, he is a great person and this will be his first family. So everyone put your BFW party hats on <:D and welcome him with open arms and lets have some fun. we know him as one to keep the hope alive and the games fun. Welcome string, and i hope you enjoy your stay.

We are very pleased to have StringKing in our breastfedness and we hope he stays with us until the end.

Please join us in welcoming StringKing, here.

On another note, I would like to say goodbye to Fenice. It turns out that he decided to leave us to join BH clan. I don't know what BH stands for, but I'm sure it's not Butt Hole. He left because he wanted to be with his wormer buddy, Zhorg. Fenice leave BFW in good standings and we wish him well with his new clan. Take care mate. :)

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