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So you've seen what it means to play worms based on substance? You just can't hop on the wormnet, eat some cookies and think you are fine. NO! True wormage starts with Mother Wormy nurturing her worms at a core age and passing on the kick ass traits to her young. Other wormers wish they had that wormy milk, but instead they have empty cookies. Breast Fed Worms are about worming with a passion; worming because Mother Worm taught us that way. Without Mother Worm's sweet nectar, we wouldn't be who we are today. A BFW doesn't go prancing around complaining about scheme rules and requests for changes. Nope. A BFW sucks it up and drives on. We play regardless… and if we don't like what we see, we will collect our wormy brothers and sisters and make our community. But we're not SIR or GAT clan. We are just dedicated wormers whom try to stay true to what Worms is about. We are strong nurtured wormers and we love to clan. We support TUS and love the people of the community. So please support the leaguing community and support your fellow BFW. Ok, now enough with the talk. So you want to join eh?

Tryout for BFW


Sorry folks, for the time being recruitment is closed! We do make exceptions to our closure, but only the mightiest survive. Do you have what it takes to override a BFW Recruitment Closure and ask for a Tryout?.

Yes folks, recruitment is open again. After a few fellow BFW left the family, we have suffered a bit on activity. Every breast fed wormer is essetential to our activity and our dominance. We dominate by winning and being badass. If we can't be active, then we fail at everything else. So until further notice, recruitment is open again. Please feel free to apply for membership here:

Override Recruitment Closure (Warning!)

If recruitment is closed, then there is only one way that we will grant you the privilege of a tryout for our breast fed, wormage clan. What is the way you ask?:

The only way to receive a tryout from BFW is to play Slender for your PC and retrieve 6 Pages! You must take a screenshot of you collecting the 6th page and post it on our forum before we will even look at you.

During times of tight recruitment policy, we must make acceptions. Only the tough will survive our challenge; and we only want the toughest for now.

If you want to join, or if you think you have some big huevos, post up at our forums if you collect 6 out of 8 pages from the Slender game. PS, be sure to play the game at night, with lights dim, and with the stereo or headphones up! Slender-Perfect will know. He sees you while you sleep.

Stay wormy my friends.