Breast Fed Worms isn't just a slick playboy name, it's a live story of how an army of smalltime wormers is overcoming the most dedicated of worm fanatics on the WormNet.

Breast Fed Worms: The next best thing!

Most of your typical worm players are born, play, and become better. Well, a Breast Fed Worm breaks that cycle. When our wormy soldiers are born, they aren't just put into play, NO! –Our wormy troops are nurtured and cared for by their motherly worms until the proper age of separation. While sucking down that kickass-goodness, their digestive tracts turn that sweet nectar into lean muscle and fast brain receptors –Essential for proper worm leetness! So rather than train on empty nutrients, zero hardened genes, and cookies, our wormies develop natural skill; Natural skill which allows us to train efficiently, effectively, precisely, and any other word that means we don't f*cking waste time!

With enough time accrued with our mothers (trainers) in AG, our Breast Fed little guys leave the nooby-tit they were blessed to nibble on and are ready to take on the most fierce of opponents. A Breast Fed Worm may not have enough time or experience as your typical wormer, but the fact that our worms were pumped with 100% Kickass-ness from their Mother-Worms means that we have a good dog-gon chance of kicking some wormy-butt!


The BFW Story

Ok folks, it all started in 2004. Their were two clans, UT (~UnTamed Talent) and SIM (Simulants) clans. We were two separate clans who were also arch nemesis. Yes! Arch Nemesis do exists. Mayhem was leader of UT and Perfect ruled SIM. The two clans clashed many times under CL2k. Some times UT would win and other times SIM. Although their existed dislike between the two clans, UT and SIM shared the same website forum. Mayhem and Perfect believed it was essential to share websites in order to keep one another alive, even though each other wanted to annihilate the other and absorb the others members. So the two coexisted for a half a year or so and eventually one died out and the other survived.

UT died out and SIM continued to thrive. SIM took in one of the UT's members and that was it. The other UT zoned freely in #AG for anyones grabs.

Late 2004, SIM was in need of some restructuring. Maybe SIM was failing because of its faulty name? Regardless SIM was dying and reaching death within weeks. Perfect took the decision to end SIM fast and make a new clan based on something with worm-roots.

Perfect consulted with Pioneer322 and brainstormed ideas for a new clan, based on worm spirit and worm originality. And thus, Breast Fed Worms was born.

Since late 2004, BFW has climbed an uphill battles and lost many. BFW has recruited many well known wormers and some not so known. Nonetheless, BFW has withstand the forces of time and continues to be a known threat on the WormNet.

We are a threat, yet we aid the survival of Worms Armageddon. Our renowned presence on the WormNet perpetuates the activity on the ~-6 GMT Timezone and helps the Leagues overall so that gaps are filled amongst most times. This all equates to more clanners played, more wormers contented, and more dedicated longterm commitments by wormers on WormNet, all of whom probably wouldn't play online if BFW didn't help proliferate the activity-ness of #AG. Just saying.. If BFW didn't exist, wormnet might have ~15 less folks on every night. How my bogus math works is: Five active BFW has at least three connections (Worm Buddies) each, which equals 15 Wormers in the long run in #AG. Of course this is a rough estimate. Perhaps our impact is more or less.

BFW is here to stay folks. We will go through more ups and downs, even short periods of inactivness. But the fact that BFW's core is lead by two dedicated and hardcore wormers (Perfect + Mayhem) means that BFW has committed roots and is here to stay.

Breast Fed Worms break the cycle of your typical wormer. We have a nurtured instinct to thrive at the worst of times and to win when we are truly committed. We play worms because we enjoy it and have that wormy need flowing through our veins. We care about winning with dignity and coolness, rather than winning for points and fame. We Worm because it's who we are.

Cya in #AnythingGoes.