Breast Fed Worms

 Welcome to home of the Breast Fed Worms. We are a pack of wormers who play Worms Armageddon with a passion.  We aren't the best, but we are the most naturèl. We have many flavors of players with the broadest range of skills and tactics.


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New Day

It's a new day BFW! We have new members, a new league, and a super high speed forum. Without you this clan would be nothing. So I want to take this moment to thank the Breast Fed Worms. You are bad ass and awesome. It's now season 29 and we currently hold 5th place. Keep up the good worm and stay strong. For those of you who don't like to play TUS Singles, we now offer here BFWL Singles, on the site.

Stay tuned for more updates. That's all I have.

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TUS Season 27

Season 26 is over and BFW gained the rank of 14th place, which is pretty good. We gained a big leap compared to last season which we ranked, ultimately, last placed (28th). This season we showed that we were a force to be reckoned with. The fact that we are not as well known in the community doesn't mean we bend over for any game, BFW has wormers that are just as great, if not greater, than many of your top 10 wormers on the singles league. Every game our clan has played has been situational. Sometimes we lost by a chance of bad luck; Sometimes we lost by a slim margin; And sometimes we lost because all odds were against us. Breast Fed Worms is a clan of wormers who don't give a shit! We don't go posting on popular forums purposely to build "community rep." -NO! We just show our presence and plan for a better tomorrow and a better game. We are Americanos, Canadicanos, Costa Ricacanos, Chilicanos, and Australiancanos! We dominate the Western Hemisphere and the clock after all those...

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Always Just a Dream....

I would like to thank everyone in the clan for being an awesome group of people and makin the return for alot of us back to worms an awesome one... We are a very strong clan and it will show soon.. But what we lack in "ranking" we make up for in being an awesome group of people not only to each other but to the worms community... Our presence in AG is always a good one non clan members welcome us into games/events with open arms and have nothing but good things to say about us. And its an honor to be apart of it.. I would also like to announce the arrival and long overdue additions to our awesome clan. You might have seen these guys around and i for one am glad they made the decision to come our way. Everyone gibe a hardy bfw welcome to Wooka, Pizzasheet, and TheWalrus. Put you BFW party hats on <:D and lets all have an awesome time... Welcome guys and i hope you enjoy your stay. Forum...

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k1nG Rejoins BFW

Yes it is true. After one week of quiting the clan, k1nG rejoins the Breast Fed crew.

Who's your daddy..erh, mommy?

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k1nG Quits BFW

I’m sad to report that k1nG has left the clan as of 19 May, 2012. An altercation broke out between our Super Wormio Brothers (Gabriel + k1nG) about the goals and mission of BFW, which lead to k1nG ripping off his BFW branded under wear and rejoining AG with no tag on.

More information as to what happened will be posted in the BFW Private forum.

Farewell k1nG! You will be missed and we are sorry that things didn’t work out.

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Great NBR absorption

OK people, we haven't updated our news real in a month due to some personal needs at home. A lot has happened and it’s only right that we post each important one here for the public to see. Some of you may be tracking that NBR (Natural Born Ropers) clan went inactive a few months ago just after returning from years of deadness. Well just this past month BFW absorbed a big chunk of grade A wormers from the clan. BFW is proud to welcome the newest members to the clan: ll7cx1Cll, Rabbit, and skunk3. We are really excited to have these guys in and hope they will stay with us for a dandy long time. Taking in these great wormers further strengthens our presence in the North American (~-6 GMT) time zone and allows our Australian wormer, sm0Le, to have a partner if any clan decides to stay up past their bedtime. Once again, we are proud to have these guys in. Welcome to the Breast Fed Worms! Now get your arses in AG and win us some...

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More New Meat

BFW just went from a C Cup to a D cup on its members list. For a week, we solicited DemiGod on facebook to start playing worms again. And guess what? He just pounced back onto the worms scene last night! So welcome DemiGod, back to BFW! DemiGod use to be part of BFW around 2006-07, he fell inactive after BFW died. It's a grand honor to have such an asset, like Demigod, to be part of the Team. Welcome back, once again! Oh, fyi: There is a nooby Demigod that plays on the Wormnet, that guy is not our guy. So don't get confused! Ok ok.. Now enough about our half God, half Wormer. Everybody put those hands back in the air and give it up to our other newest clan member...!!... BillTheFish! BillTheFish use to be in LiH(Living it High) many years ago. He just recently came back from a long break and is ready to break the fish bowl! BTF is regarded as one of the unique old skoolers of Worms and he carries with him a legacy that is as unique as his wormy name. We are very excited that Bill has...

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