Breast Fed Worms · TUS Season 27

June 24, 2012 at 7:07 am in Update

Season 26 is over and BFW gained the rank of 14th place, which is pretty good. We gained a big leap compared to last season which we ranked, ultimately, last placed (28th). This season we showed that we were a force to be reckoned with. The fact that we are not as well known in the community doesn't mean we bend over for any game, BFW has wormers that are just as great, if not greater, than many of your top 10 wormers on the singles league. Every game our clan has played has been situational. Sometimes we lost by a chance of bad luck; Sometimes we lost by a slim margin; And sometimes we lost because all odds were against us.

Breast Fed Worms is a clan of wormers who don't give a shit! We don't go posting on popular forums purposely to build "community rep." -NO! We just show our presence and plan for a better tomorrow and a better game. We are Americanos, Canadicanos, Costa Ricacanos, Chilicanos, and Australiancanos! We dominate the Western Hemisphere and the clock after all those Europeans go to sleepy time.

So folks, we may have not gotten top 5 or top 10, but we maintained our league standings this season and didn't fall beneath the default 1000 points. The reason we are still great in our standings is because our clan plays with dignity. We don't bitch about small things. We let complaints flow through if we believe they are legitimate, but we aren't here for the win. BFW is here for the honest win and the community's respect.

A lady who knows she is sexy and wonderful doesn't go flaunting it all the time, -NO! A lady who knows she is dead gorgeous and sexy keeps it private and sincere. Only the one's she wants to disclose it with will know her full potential and extrodanairiness. Like BFW, a beautiful lady will never try please strangers; She has self-respect and only lives to show her true love to her man. So the community and league only sees our deligent side; where we win with honesty and integrity. And shit, if we lose, we lose.. lol. But amongst ourselves, BFW know we pwn and conquer.

Long live BFW. May the Worm God, Wormlah, bless us with better good luck in Season 27.

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