Breast Fed Worms · New BFW Member

March 8, 2012 at 1:54 am in Update

Everyone give a round of applause to our newest clan mate, Slacker! He joined the clan on March 3rd, of 2012. He is known to be an old skooler who still uses a keyboard with a PS2 connector! He has no email or MSN at the moment, but if you lurk in AG for long enough you might get a chance to capture a glance of his worminess. Good job to AlTarf who used his Master Pokeball to capture this wild Slackatat

So why recruit such a gem you say? -Well this guy is cool. 'Nuff said...

Cough cough...But really, Slacker was asked to join another clan, which is in the top five at TUS right now. Not only that, but AlTarf was quick to recruit this guy, and AlTarf is new himself. So if Altarf can sniff out a promise player, then you know Slacker is as pure as pure Columbian comes. Talking with Joe and worming with Slacker myself, I can say this guy is a good grab.

Welcome again Slacker. We hope you enjoy the clan and stay for a very long time. :D

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