Breast Fed Worms · More New Meat

March 15, 2012 at 12:51 am in Update

BFW just went from a C Cup to a D cup on its members list. For a week, we solicited DemiGod on facebook to start playing worms again. And guess what? He just pounced back onto the worms scene last night! So welcome DemiGod, back to BFW!

DemiGod use to be part of BFW around 2006-07, he fell inactive after BFW died. It's a grand honor to have such an asset, like Demigod, to be part of the Team. Welcome back, once again! Oh, fyi: There is a nooby Demigod that plays on the Wormnet, that guy is not our guy. So don't get confused!

Ok ok.. Now enough about our half God, half Wormer. Everybody put those hands back in the air and give it up to our other newest clan member...!!... BillTheFish!

BillTheFish use to be in LiH(Living it High) many years ago. He just recently came back from a long break and is ready to break the fish bowl! BTF is regarded as one of the unique old skoolers of Worms and he carries with him a legacy that is as unique as his wormy name. We are very excited that Bill has joined BFW and we hope to have him for many wormy decades to come.

Welcome both again! Now get your arses in AG and win us some clanners!

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