Breast Fed Worms · Great NBR absorption

May 25, 2012 at 6:18 pm in Update

OK people, we haven't updated our news real in a month due to some personal needs at home. A lot has happened and it’s only right that we post each important one here for the public to see.

Some of you may be tracking that NBR (Natural Born Ropers) clan went inactive a few months ago just after returning from years of deadness. Well just this past month BFW absorbed a big chunk of grade A wormers from the clan.

BFW is proud to welcome the newest members to the clan: ll7cx1Cll, Rabbit, and skunk3. We are really excited to have these guys in and hope they will stay with us for a dandy long time.

Taking in these great wormers further strengthens our presence in the North American (~-6 GMT) time zone and allows our Australian wormer, sm0Le, to have a partner if any clan decides to stay up past their bedtime.

Once again, we are proud to have these guys in. Welcome to the Breast Fed Worms! Now get your arses in AG and win us some clanners!

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