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January 2, 2012 at 2:31 am in Update

Welcome to the new site of BFW, mates!  Now things are still in progress but I think its about time to open this place up.  BFW was founded in 2004 and since then we have sites that were not quite "official." I, as leader of the clan, have always enjoyed helping others and proliferating the wormy way to strangers. Unfortunately, my assistance to others has deterred me from finishing what should have been my main goal, BFW.

Some projects I have been privileged to work on have been:

  • wZ- Wormzillas Clan site project (WWP). I would consider it the wormiest site out there to exist.  It was explosive with vivid worminess and possibility. But failed due to my departure to join the military in 2007.
  • A dead, wormy fan site of mine that never succeeded due to my departure, of course. It was suppose to be admiration to many wormy-works and projects of mine.  I was hoping to give commentary on wormy-works of other wormers and other wormy ideas. The failure of that site lead to the creation and ownership of this new domain. is the newly revised project of mine that encompasses the influence of BFW and our clan members towards the rest of the worming community. I applaud any person that stands to run a clan that is active in the leagues.  I believe worm leaguing contributes to activity, and in essence, perpetual wormy fun all around.
  • QWNAGE clan?- It's something like that.  It was a clan created by OrangeKid.  I have the site spec layouts somewhere on my hard drives (I'll post them later).  It was a late project started just a few months before my departure in July 2007. This project never succeeded further than a splash website idea.
  • ruL-It was a clan that MRE had launched or wanted to launch?  I don't remember all the details on the site, but the layout was very promising and sexy, as some wormers would put it. This project died due to my leaving.
  • WWM- Worms Weekly Magazine.  It was an attempt of mine to cover all wormy-worthy activity that may have happened in #AG or worms.  It started off with just me running the magazine solo but eventually it accumulated to 3-4 active wormers writing a few columns to the failed magazine.  WWM was part of a sub-project that was inspired by Anubis' (current name is DeathinFire, I think) WALand project. I couldn't continue publishing the magazine and retired after 3 issues.  Many might remember my 'zine to be very poorly written and I want to say just one thing: I was young and dumb. :P.
  • WALand- A project I was trying to help Anubis prep up.
  • Other projects- there were many, but BFW has always been the love and joy of mine.

I have contributed to many things over the years; most of my work being silently known. I wormed from 2004 to July 2007.  I returned in ~October 2011. I'm back and ready to worm and get this place, or at least this timezone, active! Worms has spectrummed into many directions and while I feel out of place, I do feel that one thing lacks in worms...  We have Rubber Worm/WormKit, Project X, and an awesome (advanced) league, but where is the place you can go to for wormy laughs and articles??...  I've been to TUS and the T17 forums, and though I enjoy following the intelligent posts and "heihehiehieuehuhihehu" laughs things do tend to get monotonous at times.  If it's not the same-o-same-o then it's the shyness of wormers to speak up due to the overlord wormer's commentary. This shyness leads to communities being filled with crap or, pretty much, nonsense post.  Well, I want something more!

I have detached myself and this clan from the league forum for a reason.  That reason being so that content and speech won't be overshadowed by off topic posts or league talk.  I rather provide an environment where wormers can post insight and ideas without being shot down by the overlord project managers of the game or by elite players who have pwned so hard for so long that now they rather handicap and enable further rules to enlighten their strayed wormy-souls than to allow natural enthusiasm of worm-crazed gaming.

Wrapping this all up..  BFW is a worming clan that games in Worms Armageddon.  We love worms and love worming. Like Pokemon, we train to be the best. Setting aside our serious face, we rather have fun and make sure the rest of the mates in the clan are happy than for the clan be about pwn, qxn, own, and bitch. This is a long awaited site launch and we hope you enjoy every bit of effort put into making it as much as we enjoyed forging every ounce of it. :)

Welcome to the new home of Breast Fed Worms. We hope you visit again as the site further progresses. Thinking about joining up the clan?.. Well post up in our forum, mate! We don't want your BOD, we want your WORMINESS!

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