Breast Fed Worms · Always Just a Dream....

June 20, 2012 at 4:12 pm in Update

I would like to thank everyone in the clan for being an awesome group of people and makin the return for alot of us back to worms an awesome one... We are a very strong clan and it will show soon.. But what we lack in "ranking" we make up for in being an awesome group of people not only to each other but to the worms community... Our presence in AG is always a good one non clan members welcome us into games/events with open arms and have nothing but good things to say about us. And its an honor to be apart of it..

I would also like to announce the arrival and long overdue additions to our awesome clan. You might have seen these guys around and i for one am glad they made the decision to come our way. Everyone gibe a hardy bfw welcome to Wooka, Pizzasheet, and TheWalrus. Put you BFW party hats on <:D and lets all have an awesome time... Welcome guys and i hope you enjoy your stay.

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