Breast Fed Worms

 Welcome to home of the Breast Fed Worms. We are a pack of wormers who play Worms Armageddon with a passion.  We aren't the best, but we are the most naturèl. We have many flavors of players with the broadest range of skills and tactics.


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BFW Update

Forum Upgrade Done

Forum is back up but the original theme isn't working at the moment. I hope to have it working shortly. Thanks.

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Forum Upgrade

The forum is currently undergoing a major upgrade. Please do not click on the forum link until further notice. Thanks.


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BFW Site Back Up

BFW Is back in our hands. We have fixed the website crash. Please enjoy the website as we enjoy your visit.

Now succumb to the great Mother Worm.

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Website Crashed

Looks like the website theme crashed after my last post below. For now, please enjoy this very plain template that is mixed with some experimental templates in the background.


Scales of Injustice has gotten the best of

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TeamSpeak is Back Up!

Our teamspeak server has been offline for over a month! But today it is back online. Let us talk free or die worming! For password and server access, see the forum.


I don't also breast feed,

but when I do I choose F13.

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Where Has The Time Gone?

Wooah! Where has the time gone!!? According to the last entry on this page, it has been over half a year since our last update! Well no more, amigos!

A lot has happened in the past few months. We lost all of our latin players from Central America. We lost a few players due to inactivity. We gained some new players. BFW TeamSpeak server went offline. The website fell offline. Website and TS came back online. TUS League stats fell sharply... And to add cream to it all, our website didn't stay update. Well not no more..

More updates to come. Keep suacking on that F13.

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Welcome StringKing

This past week we recruited a new cat into the clan. This guy has been someone that we been eyeing for awhile, but have been unable to catch with our Pokeball; even the MasterBall failed us; maybe this MasterBall was made in China and not an original (..for all those naysayers of PokeWorld). Anyways, per words of the Mayhem: Long overdue and very sought after, we have finally caught the StRiNgkiNg. I am happy to have a person like string wanting to join us, adding to our awesome roster, he is a great person and this will be his first family. So everyone put your BFW party hats on <:D and welcome him with open arms and lets have some fun. we know him as one to keep the hope alive and the games fun. Welcome string, and i hope you enjoy your stay. We are very pleased to have StringKing in our breastfedness and we hope he stays with us until the end. Please join us in welcoming StringKing, here. On another note, I would like to say goodbye to Fenice. It turns out that he decided to...

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